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All Sales in Canadian Dollars FOB Chilliwack, BC, Canada. 

Used Equipment 



Soundcraft 400B 24x4 (reconditioned) w/case 
Soundcraft K2 /40+4 case/doghouse and 2 PSU
$ Call

Soundcraft Spirit Mon II 32x10 case/doghouse and 2 PSU



APB Dynasonics Spectra Ti 56ch+4 Stereo Case/doghouse 2PSU  5xLittlelite (Like New)$ Call
Soundcraft LX7II 24ch case/doghouse$400.00

Soundcraft Si Performer 3 w/case, MSB32 Stagebox, 100m CAT5$ Call
Soundcraft M12 12xmic + 4xstereo $ SOLD
Soundcraft M4  4xmic + 4xstereo$ SOLD
Speakers $Cdn

 JSI J1 2x18" (2241H) Horn Loaded Subwoofer  - 10 available $1,500.00

JBL Venue VS3215/9 Tri-Amp Speaker  - 4 available$750.00
JBL Venue VS3215/6 Tri-Amp Speaker  - 4 available$750.00
JBL AS1028 2x18" (2241H) Subwoofer   - 4 available$1,500.00
JBL MR905 Priced per pair with road case  - 8 available$700.00 pr
JSI J24 1x12" JBL2202H/1x2380 w2445J - 8 availableCall

JBL E155-8 - 18 Inch Speaker - 1 available$100.00
JBL 2205A  - 15 Inch SpeakerCall

JBL 2402  "Bullet" UHF Transducer -  SOLD
JBL 2402H  "Bullet" UHF Transducer -  4 available Call
JBL 2404H - Bi-Radial UHF Transducer (100 x 100) - 4 availableCall
JBL 2380A - Flat Front Bi-Radial Horn (90 x 40) with JBL 2445J Driver/sleeve - 4 availableCall
JBL 2441 Driver with no Diaphragm (1 only)SOLD
JBL 2445J Driver with no Diaphragm - 4 available$50.00

JBL 2305 - "Potato Masher" Horn Lens  1" ThroatCall

Power and Processing:

Carver Mono Block amplifier (1200 watts at 4 ohms) -3 Avail$200.00
Crown MA1200 amplifier$
Crown MA2400 amplifier$
Crown K2 amplifierSOLD
Crown CE4000 amplifier$
QSC MX1500 amplifier$
Lexicon LXP1/LXP5 dual channel FX/Reverb With$200
Lexicon MRC Remote   

Klark-Technik DN27A 1/3 Octave Graphic EQ - 2 availableSOLD
Ashley Protea 4 Ch. Digital EQ slave with remoteCall

Aphex 105 quad gate$100.00

Symetrix 425 comp/limiter
Microphones: Wired/Wireless $Cdn 

Used Lighting:$Cdn 
Custom 16 X 1K2 Switch Pack and 10 Scene Controller$

NSI DMX 16 Programmable Demultiplexer  (microplex)Call

Chauvet SM150 Snow Machine$150.00

BAR6/PAR64 w/Sockets and SOCA 419$250.00
BAR4/PAR64 w/Sockets and SOCA 419$200.00
PAR64 w/Sockets$50.00


Chauvet DMX24 4ch DMX Switch Pack$100.00

Miscellaneous Equipment For Sale $Cdn 
Decade FM800 1.8 Watt FM Stereo Transmitter$Call

LGP-FM Antenna$200.00